Financial hardships can strike even the most responsible individuals and businesses through unforeseen circumstances. When indebtedness becomes unmanageable, bankruptcy provides a legal lifeline to discharge liabilities and obtain a fresh start.

At The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C., our bankruptcy team takes a client-centered approach to advise and advocate for those pursuing debt relief through bankruptcy filings and proceedings. We assess each situation to determine which bankruptcy chapter and strategy will provide the optimal path forward while protecting assets and rights to the full extent possible.

The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C. staff at work
The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C. staff at work

Our bankruptcy services include comprehensive representation for:

Consumer Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Liquidation filings

Chapter 13 Debt Reorganization

Automatic Stay Enforcement

Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Reorganizations

Chapter 7 Liquidations 

Asset Sales and Auctions

For individuals facing foreclosure, vehicle repossession, creditor harassment or overwhelming medical bills and credit card debts, our bankruptcy lawyers will be your fiercest advocates to relieve financial strain and emerge with a clean slate.

Bankruptcy rules and proceedings require nuanced legal expertise. Our team is here to evaluate the optimal path tailored to your financial circumstances and long-term goals. Call today to schedule a consultation.

No matter the complexity, monetary value, or opposition you face, our firm has the resources and talent to vigorously represent your interests. Our attorneys work relentlessly to position your case for the best possible outcome through litigation.

The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C. can assist with all bankruptcy filings in the United States Bankruptcy Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.