At The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C., we have successfully represented countless clients in all types of litigation, including estate planning disputes, corporate and consumer litigation, and issues involving real estate transactions, business incorporation, contract drafting, and more.

Consumer Litigation

When you purchase a product or service, you are protected by consumer law against unethical business practices and dangerous or defective products. If you are injured by a product or service due to negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation. Our experienced legal team handles all types of consumer litigation cases, but some of the most common involve:

•   Class action lawsuits

•   Dangerous, faulty, or defective products

•   Deceptive trade practices

•   False advertising

•   Fraud

•   Employment discrimination

•   Breach of warranty

•   Predatory lending

Commercial Litigation

Any type of business dispute can lead to litigation. When legal issues arise with consumers, patent holders, employees, or between business partners, a lawsuit may be necessary to resolve the dispute. Commercial litigation is a highly-complex area of law, and the help of an attorney with a successful track record of winning these cases is essential to a favorable outcome. At The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C., our attorneys handle all types of commercial disputes, including those involving:

•   Disputes with business partners

•   Class action lawsuits and multi-district litigation

•   Breach of contract

•   Patent infringement

•   Product liability

•   Deceptive trade practices

•   Contact disputes

•   Employment disputes

Estate Litigation

When an individual creates an estate plan, he/she trusts that the documents within that plan are legally binding and clearly state their wishes in the event they become incapacitated or die. Unfortunately, ambiguous language and even seemingly-minor errors or omissions can destroy the validity of wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents, and disputes often arise. Failure to update estate documents after major life changes, such as births, second marriages, and spousal death, are common reasons for these disputes. Our knowledgeable estate planning attorneys can help your loved ones avoid the stress and expense of estate litigation, and ensure that your wishes are carried out upon your passing. We handle all aspects of estate litigation, including:

•   Will contests

•   Breach of fiduciary duty

•   Probate litigation

•   Undue influence

•   Removal of trustees and executors

•   Creditor claims against an estate

•   Elder law

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