Debt Negotiation/Settlement

If you are struggling to make minimum payments on your debts, you may be considering one of the many debt relief options available, including debt settlement, debt consolidation loans, and even bankruptcy. Although some clients will eventually decide that bankruptcy is the only viable solution to their financial problems, many are able to get out of debt by settling with their creditors for a lower amount than what is actually owed. This is called debt settlement, and a debt settlement attorney can help you protect your rights, improve your credit score, and save money.

In most cases, working with a lawyer is preferable to using a debt settlement company. Truth be told, most debt settlement companies are just out to make a buck, and scams abound. A reputable attorney, on the other hand, can help you negotiate a fair settlement amount, and creditors are generally more motivated to work with debtors who have hired legal counsel than those who are working with a debt settlement company.

In fact, some creditors become even more aggressive about filing lawsuits when debtors contract with a settlement company. And in almost every instance, the money you pay to a settlement company would have been better spent going toward your outstanding debt. These companies charge hefty fees and carry significant risk. Working with an attorney, however, packs a punch that most creditors simply don’t want to deal with.

At The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C. we will analyze your situation to determine the best options for your unique needs and desired outcome. In most cases, debt settlement is preferable to bankruptcy, but we will be straightforward with you throughout the entire process; if bankruptcy is in your best interest, our legal team can switch gears and help you navigate this process in an equally efficient and cost-effective manner. And if you get sued at any point along the way, having an experienced attorney by your side will make all the difference in the world. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for creditors to violate the rules of the game. If a creditor violates a law in its collection practices, we will protect your rights and ensure that the creditor is held accountable.

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