Loan Modification

Last decade’s economic and financial crisis had severe impact not only on the American but on our global economy. In the wake of it, our government respond to it by designing several programs, which are committed to the support of all American homeowners. If you are a homeowner who struggles with monthly loan payments, call us. We can reduce your monthly mortgage payment, interest rate and even principal balance. If you a homeowner fallen behind your monthly mortgage payments, call The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C.  First as the President of Option Next, Inc., a company dedicated solely to the negotiation of loan modification and short sales, then at Malik & Associates, P.C., a New York City firm focusing on real estate litigation and foreclosure defense, then at this firm, then at Paykin, Richland & falkowski, P.C., and now once again at this firm, Alexander Paykin, Esq. has what it takes to negotiate any loan modification and advocate on behalf of American homeowners.  Call The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C. today for a free consultation.